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Rent Super Soco Cux e-Scooters

One app and one licence (B category) for cars and scooters.

New to scooters? Never fear, here's a detailed manual.

VAT and fuel included in all prices on this page.

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Max speed 45 kph, driving range 60 km

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Elektroskútr Super Soco Cux
Minimální půjčovné 15 minut
30 Kč
Každá další minuta
2 Kč / min
Kilometrovné vč. paliva
1,50 Kč / km
Balíček S (6h, 50km)
299 Kč
Balíček M (12h, 50km)
399 Kč
Balíček L (72h, 100km)
999 Kč

VAT and fuel included. If you run out of the hours included in the package, please extend the rental. 2 CZK / minute will be charged. If you run out of the kilometers included in the package, standard price per kilometer will be charged. The removable battery can be recharged from home using standard socket. Call support to get access to the battery compartment. 

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