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Zákaznická podpora

  • Who can use GoDrive?
    You need to be 18 years or older, to have a valid driving license, a valid ID or passport and a credit or debit card which is able to handle online payments. Registration process is easy as you can see in the video:
  • Do you charge any deposits/deposits?
    We have introduced a new step in the registration process for all of our customers to help ensure a higher level of security and trust between us and our customers. A security deposit for new customers - in the amount of CZK 3,000 is required as a preventive measure against unexpected events and as a guarantee of fair use of our services. This amount will serve as a principal to cover any unexpected situations. This deposit will be deducted from your payment card after successful registration before the first ride. If the customer has a problem-free payment record, the deposit is refundable three months after depositing the deposit. Detailed information can be found in our general terms and conditions .
  • How does my account get verified?
    Each user account is automatically verified and then sent to our team for approval. During working hours, registrations are usually approved within 10-15 minutes. Outside of business hours, verification may take longer. However, you should be verified no later than the next business day.
  • How do I pay for the reservation?
    When you have finished your reservation, we will automatically charge the exact amount to the card which you linked to your account and a receipt will be sent to your email address.
  • Can I cancel my reservation without any cancellation fees?
    Yes, if you cancel your reservation 60 minutes or more in advance. If you cancel later than that, you will be charged for the first hour.
  • How do special offers (packages) work?
    By default, your rental is charged for each hour and for each kilometer travelled. However, our special offers (packages) come with free units (hours and kilometers) available at a discounted price. Of course, you are not limited by these free hours or kilometers: If you exceed the allocated number of kilometres, you will be charged for extra kilometers according to the regular price list. No action is required on your part. If you need to extend the duration of the package beyond the allocated hours, you have to extend the end of the reservation using the "Extend" button in the application before the free units expire. Any extra time is charged at a discounted hourly rate according to our regular price list. NB: unused free units do not change the price of the package - so you pay the full price of the package whether you use all the allocated units or not. You can find all our current special offers in our app under a specific car. Packages that are available long term are also listed on our website.
  • Regular rental fee or special offers (packages). Which is better for me?
    When creating a reservation, the application shows a default rental fee for kilometers traveled and time used. However, if you need a car for a longer period of time or a longer trip, be sure to click the dropdowm menu with the special offers (discounted packages). You can also check these out on our website. Packages are available for from as little as 3 hours to 10 days. You can thus cover both an afternoon trip and a week-long vacation. Rule of thumb: Multi-day bookings are always cheaper in the discounted package mode. If you are planning a longer trip within one day, the package is also better in most cases. If you are not sure which package will be best for you, and you know the estimated distance and rental period, you can calculate the best option and compare it with the regular rental fee. Our prices are transparent - there are no catches or hidden fees.
  • Where can I find GoDrive cars?
    All our vehicles can be picked up in pink carsharing zones in Ceske Budejovice which are displayed in the GoDrive app. The green car icon represents a free car with its current location.
  • Can I create a reservation in advance?
    Of course! You can make a reservation 5 minutes or 5 days in advance. However, please bear in mind that the car you booked at a specific place can still travel around the town before your reservation so you may need to pick it up elsewhere.
  • What does “Confirm reservation” mean?
    By creating a reservation, your car is already booked for the selected time. Confirming reservation triggers a deposit payment and unlocks the car controls (i.e. lock/unlock) once your reservation starts. You can press “Confirm reservation” at any point before unlocking the car for the first time. Please note that once a reservation is confirmed, it can only be ended - not cancelled.
  • How can I find out the price of my rental?
    The price of individual car rentals is determined by the sum of the hourly rental and payment for kilometers traveled. Fuel is included in the price. All rides longer than 3 hours are additionally discounted by approx. 30%. You can find details in our price list. Of course, you can also find the rental price for the selected car in your application.
  • Are there any discounts for longer reservations?
    The hourly rental price is reduced after the third hour. For longer reservations, you can also choose from a variety of special offers (packages) tailored to suit every need and occasion. You will find these special offers both on our site and in your app.
  • How do I start my rental?
    In your app, find the exact location of your car in the reservation map. When you have found it, press “Confirm reservation”. Once you are within the time window of your reservation, you will see the “Unlock” button on the screen. Tap it and you are all set. Useful tips for starting and driving the car can be found under the driver’s sun visor.
  • How do I start the car?
    If the car has a start-stop button, press it 3 times while holding the clutch and brake pedal. To switch the engine back off, press the start button once only. The cars without start-stop buttons are started by car keys like any other cars.
  • Where shall I return the car?
    The car can be returned to any carsharing zone in Ceske Budejovice which is displayed in the app. It doesn’t have to be returned to the zone where it was picked up, unless there is a red pin symbol next to the car 📌 which binds it to the specific zone.
  • What if I do not use the whole time of my reservation?
    Don’t worry, we charge per minute after the first hour. You can plan your reservation with a reasonable buffer because the time counter for your reservation stops as soon as the “Finish reservation” button is pressed. For example: you reserve a car for 3 hours. You press “Finish reservation” after 2 hours and 15 minutes. You will be charged for 2 hours and 15 minutes only. NB: with discounted rental packages you pay a full price for the package regardless of the time you finish the reservation.
  • Where can I park?
    Our cars are allowed to park in all residential zones (also called “blue zones”) except for the historical centre (the A zone). Please do not park or end your reservation on the reserved parking spots or in the time-limited parking zones marked by the sign posts with an orange board - you would be responsible for any parking fines incurred because of the wrong parking.
  • What if I need to refuel during the rental?
    In the passenger compartment you will find a CCS card with which you can safely pay at 95% of gas stations in the Czech Republic (e.g. OMV, Shell, Moll, EuroOil, ORLEN and others). You can find the PIN for the card in your current reservation. If you go outside the borders of the Czech Republic, you need to pay for the fuel from your own financial resources. But don't worry, just send a photo of the receipt to our e-mail immediately, and we'll send the money back to you.
  • Where can I find the CCS card pin?
    You can find the pin for the CCS card in the reservation of your chosen car under the name CSS pin, which you can easily reveal under your eye with one click.
  • How to extend a reservation?
    The reservation can be extended directly in the application in your active vehicle reservation, just click on the "extend" button, where you choose the new desired return time. If the application does not allow you to extend the car because another customer has reserved the car after you, contact us immediately.
  • How much do I have to pay extra for the previous ride? Where do I find out?
    If there is an arrears for the ride due to a canceled reservation, you will find the outstanding amount in the invoice, which we always send after each terminated rental to your specified email address. If you cannot find the invoice, contact our customer line at 777 102 144.
  • Do I need a motorbike driving licence?
    No, you can ride e-scooters using a standard driving licence for cars (B category).
  • What should I know before my first ride?
    Riding an e-scooter is easy. However, if this is the very first time for you, please read the detailed instructions (which you can also find in the storage box of the scooter). Basic information: The top speed of the e-scooter is 45 km/h. The maximum load is 150 kg, which means you can take a passenger. The expected range for a fully charged scooter is approx. 60 km in the city. Before creating a rental in the application, you will always see the current range of the scooter and the battery status. To start/stop the scooter and unlock the helmet top box, you need only the buttons in your app. Please note that the passenger is required to wear a helmet, too. If the green "Ready" icon lights up after turning on the scooter, you can start driving. Keep in mind that the right handle adds gas even with a small grip of the hand in the "Ready" mode. Therefore, if you are not sitting on the scooter and need to handle it (push it when parking, exiting the road, etc.), deactivate the "Ready" mode using the appropriate button on the handlebars. Once you're ready to hit the road, use the same button to activate it again.
  • Can I charge the scooter?
    Yes, you can charge the scooter in the garage, at home or in the office during longer rentals. The battery is removable, has an ergonomic handle and is not heavy to carry around. You can charge the scooter from 20% to 80% in about 3 hours. To access the battery and the charging adapter, please call the GoDrive customer line. We will remotely unlock the battery compartment for you.
  • How do I report a damaged or dirty interior?
    In the description of the vehicle in the "New reservation" section, there is a gallery of existing damage / scratches. When you start the reservation, you will be prompted to report any damage or problem with the car through the app.
  • What if I am late returning the car?
    First of all, try and extend the reservation in your app. If the app doesn’t allow extending because there is another customer waiting for your car, contact us as soon as possible.
  • I've had an accident. What now?
    First of all, keep calm and think about your safety. As soon as possible, call our support hotline (the phone number is displayed in your app). If you had an accident involving another car, it is always necessary to call the police. They will take a full report and determine who was at fault. If you do not call the police, you will have to cover the insurance excess amount even if you were not at fault. After you have signed the report with the police, we will call the car recovery service if necessary.
  • What is the insurance excess amount in case of an accident?
    The standard amount is 5 000 CZK. However, when the car is totaled and you were at fault, the excess amount is 25 000 CZK.
  • What to do if you can't lock the car?
    If the car cannot be locked for some reason (you are out of reach of the internet, you have an unextended reservation or the car has been turned off via Start Stop), contact us on the customer line at tel. 777 102 144 and we will solve the problem together.
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